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FalconHeavyGood Morning Everyone,

Not unlike a fancy SpaceX Rocket, this market is gaining more and more traction.  It has accelerated into a full seasonal swing.  The numbers look good and compound on everything we’ve seen over the last month.  This market is other worldly.  

Let’s take a close look at this week’s numbers!

New Listing (1549) A very nice week; strong seasonal activity.
Back On Market (311)
Price Increase (146)
Price Decrease (1554)  Sellers moving into the market; FOMO…?
Under Contract (1637) A very strong week.  Once again, strong seasonal activity!
Withdrawn (168)
Leased (77)
Sold (1317) This is a “tidy” number.  Not too high, not too low…
Expired (241)

Long story short, another very healthy week in the books as we move to close out June, 2019.  The next 45 days will be the “acid test” for the Denver Residential Market.  Let’s pay close attention and follow along into August.

But, what’s this have to do with #FalconHeavy?  Well, SpaceX is a crazy wild, successful disruptor dominated by “old guard” companies and NASA.  How did it break into an industry with closed doors; not even an open window.  Never underestimate #ElonMusk, and never underestimate what’s happening in your own industry.  Tomorrow there may be a disrupter just over your shoulder.

In Residential Real Estate, there are at least a half a dozen “instant” home buyer companies just waiting to make you an offer on your home.  These companies are not Realtors.  They are not looking out for your best interests.  They are only seeking profits from the consumers’ impatience.  BEWARE, BE INFORMED AND BE PATIENT; IT WILL PAY OFF!

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