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Good Morning Everyone!

We have a choiceThose of you following this Blog know I like to share.  This morning, I have something special to share.  I’ve been following Jim Rogers  for many years now.  This link will take you to his most recent share.  It’s long, at times it is a little boring, but if you stick with it, you will come away with something you’ve never thought about before; promise!  Here it is, Click Here!

Well, well, well…  What do we have here this week?

New Listing (1558) Not a bad seasonal number, but…
Back On Market (266) Buyers and Sellers not coming together…
Price Increase (135)
Price Decrease (1629) This is a pretty big number, watch out!
Under Contract (1417) When there are more listings than contracts…???
Withdrawn (209) Sellers just giving up!
Leased (54) I bet we see this number grow…
Sold (1217) Not a bad seasonal number, but not great…
Expired (221) Sellers just giving up?

Long story short this week, there are no inherently bad signals here, but there aren’t any good signals either.  It will be interesting to see how our stats fall out moving forward.  With between 9K and 10K active listings in this data search area, and 4,800 closings per month on average, we still look pretty strong at the tipping point between a sellers’ market and a more neutral market.  A rise in rates, oil, war or etc., could put stress on this market.  Pay close attention.

Southern DrawlNow, back to Jim Rogers.  Jim’s from Alabama, my father was from Alabama.  There is just something hypnotizing about that southern drawl.  He rattles along, but then those pearls of wisdom arrive on a silver platter.  Eat them up!!!  Today’s pearl, Catastrophe = Opportunity.

Let us help you sort through the Opportunities we have in our market place.  Take a few minutes schedule a time to come in a talk with Dee or myself.  303-773-3399 or TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com


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