Ten Reason to Love #TheBurbs #DenverSuburbs #Hipsuburbans @MyTownCryer

Over the years, I’ve written plenty about Hip Urban Neighborhoods, and in Denver, I’ve visited most more than once, and I really try to love them.  I really do…, but my heart is where my car can be easily parked!

Let me tell you about living in Centennial, CO.

Let me tell you about living in Centennial, CO.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about why I keep coming back to #theburbs, and why they are equally HIP and in just as many ways easier than our more densely populated hip urban neighborhoods.

  1.  No wires overhead.
  2.  No ally-ways behind ones house.
  3.  Free Parking Everywhere.
  4.  Easy access to employment.
  5.  Giant indoor malls to walk around on cold days.
  6.  Huge open spaces (Not Parks) to let our 4 legged friends roam.
  7.  Lower Sales Tax.
  8.  Locally owned and operated restaurants, too!
  9.  It’s Quiet.
  10.  Outdoor activities in every neighborhood; Golf, Nature, Recreation, Trails, Historical Centers, Open Space, Dog Parks and more!

So, if you have not ridden, driven or walked around out in the #burbs.  Give them a try.  Backing to a golf course, open space or park at an affordable price point, may really be up your “ally”! 🙂

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