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Good Morning Everyone,

Let’s jump right into it this morning.

New Listing (1295) A nice season week of new inventory.
Back On Market (239) The ratio of deals falling to closing is ramping up.
Price Increase (131)
Price Decrease (1641) Sellers continue to be compliant with the market.
Under Contract (1359) Good activity!
Withdrawn (217) Sellers giving up!!
Leased (64)
Sold (1310) This is a good week.  Not great, but good…
Expired (464)  Is it the broker or the price?

Once again, Denver gives us good numbers rolling into our fall season.  As we follow along, let’s take a moment here to point out what this year may look like when December 31st rolls around.

HOPEAlthough we had a spike with inventory mid-year, we have observed both sales and listings move more toward a sellers’ equilibrium as opposed to a buyers’ market.  I do believe we will move more toward that buyers’ market in 2020.  There is just too much uncertainty.  But, could you imagine a world where China offers its citizens freedom of speech, freedom of religion, commerce, and more.  Just take a minute and imagine more than a billion people offered choice rather than tyranny?  Imagine the growth a market like this might have…

Remember, you need a “Home Ownership Plan Everyday” (HOPE).  My father always told me a successful path includes “something to do, something to love and something to hope for”.  Your home provides your life with all three.  I think that’s why 2/3rds of US Households choose ownership.  Let’s put down roots together

Please let us help you with your HOPE.  You may always contact us at TheCryerTeam@Kewntwood.com or 303-773-3399.

Have a great week!!!

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