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Good Morning Everyone!

Winter SceneWith this weekly post, I’ve taken on 2019 almost every single week in relation to Denver’s Residential Real Estate Market.  For me, this has been a “good news, bad news” story.  On the good side, it has kept me closely linked to the market, and it has provided ammo for discussion when asked, “How is the Denver Market?”  On the bad side, I believe when someone is too close to a single thought, it allows them to overlook the bigger picture that surrounds.  Personally, I take this very seriously, and read, watch and listen broadly to help prevent this.  I hope this is the truth!

With this written, let’s take a look at this week’s MLS numbers.  Right off the bat, I can see seasonal affects making their mark, but at the same time, relative strength is continuing right to the “bitter end” in spite of the snow!

New Listing (668) This is a very slow week!  Buyers need inventory!!!
Back On Market (163)
Price Increase (144)
Price Decrease (503)  Sellers are chasing those last few sales for 2019!
Under Contract (1017)  This is not a bad week; showing strength!
Withdrawn (181)  Sellers giving up for the holidays?
Leased (58)
Sold (1175)  Everyone loves a year end closing!
Expired (273)  Sellers and Brokers giving up…

We need your home in our Listing Inventory.

A successful move, relocation, down pricing, down sizing or even moving up takes planning. “Jumping out of a airplane without a parachute is not healthy.” The proper order and proper plan for buying or selling a home requires the same attention to detail. Give us a call, come in, spend just one hour with us. Let us show you a clear pathway to a successful transition. We’ll be there for you…

Dee and Tom Cryer TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com 303-638-3202

Do you want to keep us with us?  Please do…



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