Ten Freegan Apps for 2020 I Love, Use and Endorse…tc #2020Vision

1. Libby… I just love Libby! Free audio books and all you need to start is a library card.

2. Stitcher Radio… All my favorite podcasts waiting for me moments after they post.

3. Relive… This is a free app that measures your trip from an aerial view, organizes your images along the way and is exciting to watch after a long trail or trip.

4. Flipboard… This is a free news aggregator app. If you like to READ news, you can refine your new sources to get your true balance desired.

5. Twitter… I know, I know, but worldwide, you can follow the leaders from industry, government and associates in one easy to use app.

6. Starbucks… This will not be everyone’s cup of tea… hehehe… but, I routinely receive Starbucks gift cards. They can all be saved in the app and be with you all the time.

7. CNBC… I love owning The World’s Great Companies! CNBC helps me do this.

8. YouTube… This app brings you free entertainment, direction and enlightenment with just a few clicks.

9. HomeSnap… This is a free real estate app, I can easily connect you with it, and you can have realtime real estate updates.

10. Charles Schwab… Some would argue this app is not free, but you have to put your money somewhere, right? So if Schwab is your bank, this app is free, and it is great!  Start today and click here!

With these ten apps, one’s phone becomes a “Free University”, and we can all use that!

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Your Trusted Advisors in the Homeownership Business! TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com
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