Good Morning Denver! We Got This!


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Those of you who have followed along for so long, you will see a little bit different format this morning.

First off, I follow the data on every morning.  In my humble opinion, we are defeating the C-19!  The logarithmic graphs are flattening, and where Colorado ranked in 7th or 8th position, this morning we are at 13th as ranked against other states for total deaths from the virus.

Next, I have a vantage point in my community overlooking our trail system in the 120 acres behind our house.  I have NEVER seen so many people out walking, talking and enjoying these fabulous spring days.  This is a good thing!

Last, you probably still want to see what the MLS Data says for the last week?  Well, here it is:

New Listing (1260) This is lower than normal, but still ample for the season.
Coming Soon (41)  Sellers are still planning ahead!
Back On Market (315)
Price Increase (140)
Price Decrease (705)
Pending (896) Under Contracts have been changed to Pending.  This number is down by 30-40%.
Withdrawn (292)
Leased (64)
Closed (1177) This number still reflects activity from before the “lock down”.
Expired (453)

Long story short, we will look at this again next week, and I imagine, this will continue to show fewer and fewer contracts on pending listings in the next three weeks until our “lock down” is reduced.  I also believe, we will start to see this “Black Swan” shrink over the next few weeks.  

Antidotally, Dee and I put a listing under contract over the weekend, we have three more closings this month and we are having strong activity on our remaining listings.  We are open for business, albeit, it is virtual, distanced and more complicated.

Let’s keep our heads held high.  Let’s keep busy.  Let’s pray…  Let’s get on the phone and call someone we haven’t spoken to in years!  Finally, let’s make sure we continue to move forward.  I heard this today: “On particularly rough days when I am sure I can’t possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100%, and that’s pretty good.”

Be safe everybody, and before we know it, we will be celebrating life again!


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