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April 2020

Hello Everyone “04/14/2020”!

Let’s take a LONG look at what the Denver MLS has to say?

This graphic was from March 25, 2020:

New Listing (1299)
Coming Soon (0)
Back On Market (422)
Price Increase (348)
Price Decrease (649)
Pending (1140)
Withdrawn (325)
Leased (68)
Closed (1157)
Expired (196)

This graphic is from April 14, 2020 (Today)

New Listing (906)
Coming Soon (77)
Back On Market (231)
Price Increase (103)
Price Decrease (506)
Pending (909)
Withdrawn (376)
Leased (79)
Closed (1106)
Expired (285)

Do not believe for one minute the residential real estate business is DEAD! Realtors are hard working, creative, persistent and tireless when there is a deal to be made. Dee and I have three more closings before the end of the month, and we have worked through a very difficult lender situation, we have facilitated an out of town buyer who just had to have a new home for his family, and a seller who just had to get his family out to facilitate a move to Texas. We made it happen! All three are closing before month’s end.

Although there are many more steps and in large part, those steps are cumbersome, over bearing and intrusive to buyers, sellers, agents, inspectors, appraisers, lenders and title companies, we continue to weave our way through this jungle. We have been there every step of the way for our clients.

As many of you know, I have been following this site religiously since all this started. There is a glimmer of good news buried here. All of the Logrithmic Graph presentations show “the flattening” for which we’ve all been waiting. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I hope you can too.

I will continue to repear myself, nothing I described above was easy, moving forward will not be any easier. We will all be adjusting to a “new normal”. I had a long conversation with a very old friend last week, he and his wife are avid cruiseline travelers. He will not be cruising again. Working from home is a game changer. Maybe that season ticket sitting next to the guy that’s a little “messy” will not look that desirable next season. The winners will be able to describe and invest in the “New Normal” before it arrives. Are you thinking ahead?

A successful move, relocation, down pricing, down sizing or even moving up takes planning. Jumping out of a airplane without a parachute is not healthy. The proper order and proper plan for buying or selling a home requires the same attention to detail. Give us a call, come in (After the Virus), spend one hour with us (Even on the phone). Let us show you a clear pathway to a successful transition. We’ll be there for you…

Dee and Tom Cryer… 303-887-3917

The Cryer Team
The Cryer Team
Tom and Dee Cryer
303-638-3202 Tom
303-887-3917 Dee
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