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Cryer Team ResizedWe can’t remember how long we’ve been pinned down with C-19, but as the number of weeks continues to grow, we continue to participate in a Denver market that has “slowed” but it has clearly not “given up”.

New Listing (1179)  Ordinarily, this number would be about 1,200-1,500/Week.
Coming Soon (176)
Back On Market (406)
Price Increase (201)
Price Decrease (602)
Pending (779) This number should be about 1,200 to 1,500/Week too.  Clearly a leading indicator, but still greater than I would have anticipated.
Withdrawn (171)
Leased (78)
Closed (947) This still reflects “pre-shut down activity” and is a lagging indicator, but “safe drive-by closings” are happening everyday!
Expired (186) The sellers giving up, have already left the market!  This is a very low number.

I can’t continue without sharing this market observation.  Virtual Showings, Live Video Showings and a continuous path toward safety and creativity continue to lead the way in this market.  WE are receiving updates and state of the art training everyday.  It almost seems like rather than backing down from the virus, Kentwood has stoked the furnace with a an “all hands on deck” mentality.  I like it!

A person’s home is an essential piece of property.  Putting restrictions on the commerce surrounding the transfer of a family’s greatest asset is being defended every single day by Realtors everywhere.  Please know, we are doing everything within our control and within safe practices to keep this market open, and we’ve been doing a great job!

In closing today, We’d like you to know, Dee and I have been very busy in this market even under these new restrictive conditions.  We have vetted lenders, safely shown property, met inspectors and appraisers and we have safely closed 5 properties this month.  We believe we have been “essential”, and our clients have told us as much.

Be safe out there, and choose wisely my friends…tc



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