Denver Market Watch with 2020 Vision 06/16/2020

Good Morning Everyone!

This Denver residential market appears to have been a locomotive just slowing down for a quick stop, because it is clearly back on track to a full seasonal swing and maybe more.  Take a look at this week’s numbers!

New Listing (1391) This number represents a shortage!
Coming Soon (177)
Back On Market (287)
Price Increase (353)
Price Decrease (1149)
Pending (2105)  This is a fantastic seasonal number!
Withdrawn (202)
Leased (107)
Closed (1420)  WE are still forming the end game, but still a bright spot here.
Expired (186)

Long story short, this market is healthy.  In spite of the events surrounding 2020, Denver’s Residential Market is not letting its self become a victim.  It holds its head up high and proud.  The water is warm, it’s time to jump in!

Rimrocker AspensAs you know, I like to editorialize a little each week.  This week, I want to report back about my observations from a recent road trip.  I love road-trips, but I always love arriving HOME when the trip is over.  One never really finishes a road-trip but one merrily wets the pallet for more.

On this trip, I traveled from Denver though Buena Vista, Gunnison, Montrose, Moab, Grand Junction, Steamboat Springs and Ft. Collins.  In every single locale I was impressed with the economic activity.  From the number of new pickup trucks with temporary tags to the new construction and development, these markets all looked Red Hot!  Sure there are a few store fronts with the “For Lease” signs in the window, but overall, Colorado looks very good to me.  Both Jim Rogers, “Adventure Capitalists” and John Lynch, “Beating the Street” would be proponents of this market based on my observations.

So, like I noted above, Denver’s market is coming out of this in at least very warm condition, and if we see a few more weeks like this, I am going to declare it to be “Red Hot”!

As always, Dee and I are here to make sense of it all.  Even our new website is coming along, take a look and give us a thumbs-up.  In the meantime, you can always reach us at  We look forward to it!…tc

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