Denver Market Watch with 2020 Vision 07/07/2020

Wow!  It’s gone!  The first half of 2020 is just gone.  Can you believe it?

The Cryers have been very fortunate, very fortunate!  We continue to navigate the Age of Covid with great success.  We have been vigilant, and we have followed a regimen of common sense.  I am sure luck plays into every grouping and individual’s success at avoiding the virus, but we minimize trips to the store, we are masked, we have followed all of the State, Local and Company Mandates regarding safety precautions.  We have only shown property to other masked and vetted buyers, and we’ve sat at quite a few kitchen tables in masks.  And, as I sit here composing this post, I have to feel grateful.  It’s a good life.

Once again, the this week’s MLS numbers do not lie.  WE are treading on hallowed ground if you are a seller!  Low inventory, a continuous supply of buyers and interest rates nudging the market trend during the midst of a pandemic.  Who knew?

New Listing (1178). This is not enough listings to supply the market.
Coming Soon (232)
Back On Market (309)
Price Increase (236)
Price Decrease (961)
Pending (2008). This is a mid-season number if I’ve ever seen one!
Withdrawn (173)
Leased (105)
Closed (2087). Once again, this is a mid-season number.
Expired (419)

Supply is LOW and Demand is HIGH.  There is just no other way to express what is happening in the #DenverResidentialMarket.

If you are considering a residential change …

Dee and I are here for you. 303-773-3399

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