Denver Market Watch with 2020 Vision – 10/13/2020

Over the last few weeks, Dee and I have been “baby sitters” to grandchildren and campers. Yes, campers! I convinced Dee to join me on a trip to Colorado’s Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range and camp! We had a wonderful time. A great campsite, wonderful food, great company and a couple of hikes to truly epic views made us both agree, we need to do it again!

As we look forward into the final quarter of 2020, the Denver MLS reports a possible break in the “heat” of the market at least for this week. Rather than close to 2,000 Pending and 2,000 Closed transactions last week, we broke with this trend, and observed more typical numbers for an October Week. With this being said, we have a about 10 more weeks in front of us before we put a wrap on 2020. Let’s all be patient and follow along to the very end…

New Listing (1086) Still a very low number of new listings…
Coming Soon (160)
Back On Market (245)
Price Increase (213)
Price Decrease (813)
Pending (1697) A very solid week of under contract properties. This is a seller’s market.
Withdrawn (174)
Leased (74)
Closed (1370) This is a bit of a slow down from the past few weeks, but once again, still very good.
Expired (200)

When Dee and I begin advising a client, either a buyer or seller, we like to take the time up front to set the stage. Understanding all the documents, procedures and costs of a purchase or a sale keeps everyone on the same path and able to move quickly in this environment of a seller’s market. When the market was more of a buyer’s market, the same was true. Buyers and Sellers deserve to have complete understanding before jumping in. This is our mission.

If you find yourself needing or wanting a change of address. It is important to develop a level of trust and comfort with the broker representing you. Let’s talk, let us show you what we will do for you. Meeting your needs and wants is vital key to homeownership and the goal of our system.

Record low rates, strong buyer demand and greater selection as the price range increases makes this a great time to move up. Conversely, great interest rates allows a buyer to “lock-in” their monthly expenses for years and years to come. Let us show you how to be perceived as a “cash buyer” in this competitive market.

Cascading Waterfalls

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