The Cryer Team Is Moving Forward in 2020

When the Pandemic was announced, The Cryer Team was already well into 2020. We had been executing our business plan, following up with our clients, enjoying the fruits of repeat business and hunkering down with our family.

Throughout this window of uncertainty, Denver became one of the most vibrant residential markets. Low rates, low inventory, and veracious buyer demand created the perfect storm, and we’ve been riding this wave all year.

Along the way, we’ve benefited from Kentwood’s ever present improvements to our Tech, Marketing and RE Support. Our new Marketing Coordinator, Gabi, has added a spark to our public face, our omnipresent Transaction Coordinator, Kristy, has decades of experience and Dee and I are constantly updating our skills with continuing education, office interaction and a plethora of transactions every year with each one of them requiring a special skill, knowledge or expertise.

Below, you will find a few of our recent transactions. Please visit our newly simplified website, explore and enjoy its rich and vibrant content.

For the time being, if you have thoughts of making a move. Give us an hour. Let’s discuss your needs and wants. We would be honored to be your trusted real estate advisor.

About Tom & Dee Cryer

Your Trusted Advisors in the Homeownership Business!
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