Denver Market Watch with 2020 Vision 10/20/2020 #ElectionDay

There is so much going on! I just came from the barber, and the excitement over this election is like no other. I can remember as a little kid, my brother Cliff, reached out to a slow moving motorcade and shook JFK’s hand. Not since then, have I personally seen so much excitement surrounding a presidential election.

But, this is not what I do. I report on Denver’s Residential Market from MLS data on a weekly basis. Let me tell you, these numbers are just as exciting as any Presidential Election in their own way. Closings are HUGE. Pendings are HUGE. New Listings are not!!!

New Listing (869) This reminiscent of a Christmas/New Years week.
Coming Soon (120)
Back On Market (254)
Price Increase (266)
Price Decrease (720)
Pending (1618) A typical week for Contracts, not great, not bad.
Withdrawn (230)
Leased (67)
Closed (2149) This is HUGE! Seldom does a 7 day total exceed 2,000 units.
Expired (480)
MLS Data for the Week Preceding 11/03/2020

What’s next? As I have often expressed in these posts, I can’t predict the future, but I sure can guess. My guess is more of the same. There will be the typical “shock” of the election outcome. There will be some knuckleheads running around crying. There will be some volatility in the market through year’s end. And, people needing shelter will still be moving. Life goes on. In my lifetime, the DOW could still hit 100,000, and if we had more LISTINGS in this market, we would have even more sales!

What do you think of all that? It’s a guess right?

Anyway, if you are buying, selling, moving to another state or even another country or if you know anyone who might be, please come to us. We pride ourselves in your satisfaction. We advocate for you. Your wants and needs motivate us to complete your mission.

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