01/12/2021 Denver Market Watch is Onederful!

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This blog started about 12 years ago. This link will take you back to those early days. This blog has always been a resource for the person with interest in the Denver Residential Market. Over the years, it has changed little from its original mission, and that was to keep you informed on a broad and sometimes narrow view of this market. Today, however, I have chosen a different perspective.

Participating in the acquisition of a residential purchase has its challenges. From the early stages of qualifying to the late stages of time spent at the “closing table”, by now, I think we have “seen it all”. That, however, is never true. There is always something over the horizon we’ve never seen before, coming our way. Maybe that’s what keeps this business so interesting thus keeping our interest, who knows? We love it, and we love serving our Clients and Customers “every step of the way”. There is one thing for sure, the sun does always come up tomorrow….

What’s happened over the last 7 days in the Denver Market?

New Listing (664) REALLY? We need inventory. Now is the time to sell!
Coming Soon (121) Still not enough!
Back On Market (175)
Price Increase (306)
Price Decrease (293)
Pending (1239) This is a “Mid-Season type number. Demand is high!
Withdrawn (116)
Leased (73)
Closed (1140) All these sellers stayed in their homes for the holidays…
Expired (153)

As you can readily see above, the breadth of this market is immense. Across all price ranges, communities and homeowner demands, this market is not letting up. It is a locomotive with no brakes roaring into the Station. Hold on to your hats 2021Derful is upon us.

Dee and I have closed transactions in all types of communities and neighborhoods. From a small “cabin” on 40 acres out on the eastern plains of Colorado to multi-million dollar homes on country club golf courses to the master planned communities with a neighborhood elementary and HOA amenities. Our multi-disciplined history in real estate provides the skill set you will want to accomplish this. So read our Testimonials, and make the decision for yourself. We’ll be there for you every step of the way...tc

TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com 303-638-3202

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