02/23/2021derful Denver Market Watch #TakeOutTuesday

Here we are again. Tuesday morning’s blog from MyTownCryer! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Today we have Fed Chairman Powell addressing Congress, debate over a $1.9T stimulus, and a stock market unable to decide whether it likes Proctor & Gamble or Tesla. We live in a world of conundrums. One thing for sure right now, however, Denver’s Residential Real Estate Market remains hot! There is a clear and definitive imbalance in the Sellers’ favor. More demand than supply is in evidence across the spectrum of the market. As you can see from this week’s data below, when new Pending Listings out pace New Listings by this much week, after week, after week, a shortage tends to maintain itself to the point of ridiculousness.

New Listing (922) Well better than last week, but this # should be at least 50% higher.
Coming Soon (117)
Back On Market (160)
Price Increase (318)
Price Decrease (242)
Pending (1493) A clear indication Listings are going under contract prior to hitting the market! Not fare for buyers at large…
Withdrawn (106)
Leased (75)
Closed (1166) A good strong number, and once again, growing every week.
Expired (157)
Denver MLS Data Over the Last 7 Days

So, what are you going to “Take Out” this evening? Well, it could be #TacoTuesday? We have so many choices in front of us every day, every hour, every minute… How is one going to decide? Favorite TV shows, favorite blogs, vlogs, streaming services, and where we choose to call home. We even have a choice of where to go next.

Last weekend, I chose to visit Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. There you will find a number of trails wrapping around wooded areas, ponds, lakes and wildlife clusters. In my relatively short hike, I enjoyed Deer, Birds of Prey and a very well maintained trail system.

The decks jutting out onto the frozen ponds and lakes allowed a very close up view.

We all have a choice; the lifestyle, home, career and family allow us an infinite number of choices. The path one takes can be a “do it yourself” or “well guided” tour. It’s up to you…

If you’re seeking trusted real estate advice, look no further. We will be there for you every step of the way!

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