03/30/2021derful Denver Market Watch #TheFuture

There is an expression, “Only Fools and Newcomers Predict the Future”. On the other hand, a song writer sang, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades”. I kinda like the latter. The fact remains, before Covid (bc), the world was moving in the right direction. Just click here if you don’t believe me. I am generally an optimist myself. Science seems to always clear a safe path for the human condition.

Maybe this is the reason, so many of earth’s humans desire a permanent address. If you thought the US had the highest ratio of homeownership, you would be wrong. Just click here if you don’t believe me. If you don’t have time for that, it’s Romania. 96% Of Romanians are homeowners! And, the US? It’s way down the list at around 65%. This is not for the lack of trying to improve this ratio. There are programs for all types of buyers. If you want a house, you can get one, somewhere! In fact, there are a few midwest communities selling houses for $1.00. Yes, one dollar…

Where does this take us today? The scarcity of available homes has certainly become a limiting factor in the Denver Metro area of 11 counties with only 1,200 active listings, a roof over your head has become an effort of tremendous perseverance, persistence and patience. But, as Tom Petty sang, “…Waiting is the hardest part…”.

Let’s take a look at the MLS data over the last 7 days in the 11 counties making up the Denver Market. It’s pretty clear, a lack of inventory continues…

New Listing (812) Seasonally, this is way, way below historical standards.
Coming Soon (150) Come on, give us some hope here!!!
Back On Market (119)
Price Increase (289)
Price Decrease (244)
Pending (1613) Wow! Properties continue to sell before they get to the MLS…
Withdrawn (132)
Leased (63)
Closed (1375) Not a strong week, but with this level of inventory, what can we expect?
Expired (99)
The Last 7 days in Denver’s MLS

What can you do for yourself if you want to become a homeowner in Denver? If you don’t have CASH, you need CREDIT. If you need CREDIT to buy, you need GOOD CREDIT. This means the first thing you need to do to get in line for a new home is a financial plan giving you a pathway to EXCELLENT CREDIT.

Next, you need a MENTOR. I recommend your mentor be a seasoned REALTOR. This mentor will be able to assist with finding the right partner to get you on the path to good credit, a financial plan and a budget to get you in line.

Once you’re in line, the question becomes, “How do I get to the front of the line”. In this market, you just can’t get there on your own. It’s OK to lean on your mentors to move up.

So let’s TEAM up and go face to face to create a custom plan just for you. Here’s what our Clients are saying! We would be honored to be your trusted real estate advisor…tc

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