2-22-22 #Twosday #WWTCD

I’ve promised many times over the years with this blog to keep you honestly informed on Denver Market Watch Events. Let’s dig deep today!

New Listing (627) On a percentage basis this number is up 20%, but starting from such a low baseline, it hardly puts a dent in the shortage buyers are facing in this market.
Coming Soon (213) Once again, up about 25%, but this will hardly make a difference.
Back On Market (96) Really unchanged here.
Price Increase (155) This is a tactic Listing Agents have been employing when too many offers come in over List Price. I’m not sure what it does for the transaction.
Price Decrease (160) This number is little changed.
Pending (1340) With more supply, we would be getting even more accepted contracts. This shows us the “Back Room” is full of demand. If this opens up with even more moving into March and April, could we set some records? Maybe!
Withdrawn (71)
Leased (41)
Closed (937) This number has not jumped. Let’s look at this next week as we roll into month’s end.
Expired (75)
The Last 7 Days in Metro Denver’s MLS

So, overall, we are starting to see some seasonal growth in weekly inventory. I would follow this up with, “I wish I could see April’s Numbers now!”

Let’s look at the total of active listings in all price ranges in the Denver Metro MLS System.

This Chart Tells Us There Are Only 917 Active Listings This Morning. It’s TwosDay!!!

So, as I like to say/write, “Long Story Short”, If you’ve been waiting on the sidelines because you are smarter than the market and are willing to wait this out for the next, “BIG SHORT”, enjoy yourself. If you are ready to buy, and have a 3-5 year horizon in Denver, (#WWTCD) I’d be a buyer. Home ownership is a wonderful thing. Just ask me. The benefits of homeownership are far reaching; make no mistake about it!

We would be proud to walk into battle with you. Please give us a call. Let’s make a battle plan and take this market on together…tc

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