Crown Hill Park & Bird Watching

Good Morning Everyone,

In this business, one travels all over the Metro Denver Metroplex at one time or another. I had been driving past #CrownHillPark for years. On this day, I decided to stop and take a walk. I was early to my appointment and had plenty of time.

I learned all about the park. It is somewhat of a #BirdWatcher’s joy. The park has all the requisite features necessary to grip your amygdala and send you down the trail drifting into one’s own thoughts. With loops around Crown Hill Lake as long as 2.5 miles, this is not a small park.

Benches, Viewing Areas, Fishing Areas, even a Horse Arena to provide plenty of stimuli.

So, the next time you’re out in the west-northwest part of Denver (Wheat Ridge/Lakewood), pull over, spend a few minutes and explore another one of Denver’s Treasures…tc

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