03/29/2022 #smh #DidYouEverWonderWhy #ParadigmShift

Good Morning Folks! We had one of those live meetings or video chats this morning, so, I’m a little slow putting this together. Let’s dive right in. Here are the numbers for this week in the Denver MLS System…

New Listing (735) Well, just slightly up from last Tuesday’s count. This will not solve our supply issues.
Coming Soon (314). If this was to continue, we may start “catching up”.
Back On Market (134)
Price Increase (182)
Price Decrease (248)
Pending (1462) This is a grand mid-season number. On the down side of this, we are seeing so many listings go to contract prior to becoming live in the MLS. “Clear Cooperation” is not something many sellers are buying into.
Withdrawn (78)
Leased (45)
Closed (1254). As these Buyers and Sellers find their way to closing each week, we have to wonder when will this market catch up with itself?
Expired (102)
LSS, Week After Week, We Continue To Observe The Same Market Numbers. A New Paradigm? A New Normal?

Anyway, were are we on the Active Listing Count?

I Hate To Even Mention This, But With Only 1,239 Active Listings This Morning,
We Are Lower Than Last Week At This Same Time!

I’m Shaking My Head. That’s all I can say this morning. I’m not seeing one little impact from Rate Increases, Wars, Energy Costs or Our Cost of Living in this market right now. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of qualified buyers out there, but they don’t have the horse power to offer a seller “Non-refundable” earnest money. They can’t bridge the “Appraisal Gap”. They are fearful of giving up their Inspection or Appraisal Objection. In this new Paradigm, buyers have to be BOLD, BRAVE and possibly even a bit BRASH in order to WIN in this market.

My question is simple. What allows one buyer to go ALL IN, while another buyer can’t pull that same TRIGGER? #DidYouEverWonderWhy?

In the meantime, Dee and Company are off to an amazing start in 2022. Her perseverance, focus and communication skills continue to get her foot in the door. She’s my Realtor for life!

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