07/05/2022 #OffGrid #RoadTrip #OhCanada #Overland

For the last 2 weeks, was traveling through Canada via Land Rover in my 2013 LR4, to be exact. We drove to the Arctic Circle! If you don’t like #RoadTriping or as this generation calls it; #Overlanding, #fugetaboutit. It is long, warm, dusty has perpetual daylight and is simply awesome!

As I drove along, the time available to reflect was abundant. I will be dribbling some of my thoughts in the weeks to come, but what’s happened here since I went #OffGrid?

Here’s what happened in the last 7 Days in the Denver Metro Residential Market.

New Listing (1125) Not breaking any records here…
Coming Soon (246) Nor here…
Back On Market (218)
Price Increase (97)
Price Decrease (1099) Now, this is telling. About half of all listings with a price decrease, Withdrawn or expired.
Pending (1188) Not a bad week!
Withdrawn (141)
Leased (73)
Closed (1388) Not a bad week!
Expired (325) Gave up and let it go… This is telling.
With 5,421 Active Listings right now, It is telling when we add up the number of Withdrawn and expired and price decreased listings. There is clearly an Autumn Breeze in the air!

There’s no question, we are drifting toward a more normal market, and who knows, maybe a buyer’s market by next year…

Let’s pay close attention in the coming weeks. We will be here for you every step of the way…tc

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