01/10/2023 #Habits #WaltLongmire #DenverRealEstate

This weekly post is a great #Habit. It keeps us in tune with the market. It allows us to always be ready with conversation points. Finally, it gives us an historical perspective. All of these are valuable to a #Realtor’s world.

Walt Longmire: “If there wasn’t trouble I wouldn’t be here.” This quote reminded me of what I heard very early in my real estate career, with a little twist however. The way I heard it, “The clients problems gives you purpose, reason and a job…”. Well, this is certainly true.

This week in #DenverRealEstate is worthy of our review. Here is the SFR composite for the last 7 days.

New Listing (674) Certainly not a race to the market in large numbers…
Coming Soon (82) Certainly no help here either.
Back On Market (202)
Price Increase (145)
Price Decrease (716) This is very telling. Sellers/Brokers are not anticipating….
Pending (772) Not a bad week for so early in the year.
Withdrawn (161)
Leased (48)
Closed (643) Buyers and Sellers are still finding their way to the closing table…
Expired (215)
The Last 7 Days for SFR Listing in Denver Metro

Below you find some additional graphics and conversation about #Denver’s inventory.

Last week we had 4,058 SFR Listing Active in our marketplace. This week we have 4,280 Active SFR Listings. We have clearly not advanced to a “Spring Marketing Season” yet…

In the end, everyone needs some sort of shelter. One’s economic prowess has a direct impact on the location and expanse of its appeal. Living under a bridge might find comfort in a large box or a tent. Having been CEO of Amazon might allow you to build a $500M yacht to circumnavigate the Earth.

Shelter is essential and center to our safety and comfort. The joy of homeownership will not leave us anytime soon. Let’s talk about your plan. We are here to help…tc

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