05/02/2023 #piñata #TestimonialTuesday #DenverMarketWatch

“Buying a house out of state is very challenging but the Cryer team was so amazing! They are very knowledgeable and patient as we made a difficult decision! “ Stacy M.

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, I need a Piñata for the kids. Where do you get yours?

Let’s get right into it. The headwinds are so strong. Why isn’t our market suffering? If you don’t believe me, ask @GloriaAlvarez85.

The last 7 days in our MLS looked like this.

New Listing (1205) This is not bad, but into May now, I’d like to see 1,400ish for buyers.
Coming Soon (285) Not much higher than normal.
Back On Market (220)
Price Increase (160) Big, Big, Big improvement here!!!
Price Decrease (834)
Pending (1437) A solid week, where are buyers finding these properties?
Withdrawn (161)
Leased (103)
Closed (1399) Solid!
Expired (373) Capitulation? Giving up? Almost double the “Back on Market”…

Well then, if we’ve had another pretty solid week, when will the “shoe drop”? Rates, War, Taxes, Politics, Division, Believers, Deniers, Producers, Looters and Moochers…

Here’s what Denver’s Supply and Demand looks like.

Other than 2021 and 2022, there hasn’t been lower supply of Single Family Residences than now over the last 10 years.

More to digest this week. The number of sales continues to impress in spite of low inventory…

So, that’s all for this week. Let’s keep an eye on the past while looking forward. Denver has a good market full of good people working every day to make the world around them better every day!


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