05/23/2023 #Cheap or #Inexpensive

Hello Everyone,

WE hope each and everyone of you are living the life you deserve.

Today, I want to talk about #Cheap and/or #Inexpensive. The word #Cheap has infiltrated our vocabulary as a society like the plague. Everything is #Cheap or #Cheaper. I’m sorry, but when discussing homes in excess of $500,000, I just don’t believe CHEAP is the appropriate word usage. What’s CHEAP about $500,000?

On the other hand, when discussing issues of value about homes, to me, the usage of #Inexpensive or #Expensive seems more appropriate. I’d love to have you share your thoughts. Please use the comment box below.

In Denver over the last few days, there is nothing in our marketplace making our homes #Cheaper. Take a look…

New Listing (1257) Not a bad week, but certainly not Earth Shaking!
Coming Soon (156) Lover then last week!

Back On Market (262)
Price Increase (148)
Price Decrease (1085) This is HUGE. What is up with Broker/Seller pricing?
Pending (1514) This is a very good week!

Withdrawn (161)
Leased (91)
Closed (1296) Not bad at all here. Up a little bit…
Expired (201)

Week in and week out, we continue to present strong numbers of a market well away from external characteristics which could cause decay. I’m impressed!

We have fewer listing now than we did a year ago and rates are almost double what they were then. Here’s what it looks like…

I believe, if the bond market were to change course and go lower, we would have huge supply problem in the Denver Residential Market. Can’t see the FED lowering rates anytime soon…

Overall, WE continue to see our Buyers and Sellers reach agreements to buy and sell that approach a more fair market than one year ago, but there are some cracks around the edges in more distant suburbs and remote areas where market times are longer and prices are down from years past. But, are they #Cheaper or less #Expensive?

You decide…tc

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