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July, 2010

By Tom Cryer, Broker Associate @ The Kentwood Companies


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What’s New @ MyTownCryer


What’s News @ the Kentwood Companies

open house 003.JPG


Some great reports came out of our corporate headquarters this month, read on:


 July 12, 2010


(For more information contact Douglas E. Lierle at lierlepr@comcast.net)


Kentwood Real Estate Announces

Second Quarter 2010

Sales Volume and Transactions


DENVER – Kentwood Real Estate and its top-producing real estate professionals posted total sales volume of $324 million for the second quarter of 2010, representing a remarkable 34 percent increase over 2009 second quarter results of $243 million.  Kentwood Real Estate also recorded a total of 769 real estate transactions for the second quarter this year compared to 633 real estate transactions recorded for the first second last year, which represents an increase of 22 percent. 


July 13, 2010


(For more information contact Douglas E. Lierle at lierlepr@comcast.net)


Kentwood Real Estate Ranked Number One in Sales Volume

Per Agent Nationally by Realtor Magazine


          DENVER – Kentwood Real Estate, Colorado’s Premier Real Estate Company, has been ranked number one in total sales volume per agent by Realtor Magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Realtors.


Property Profiles of the Month

14070 HILLROSE PL PARKER, CO 80134 (MLS # 892176)  A like new Richmond Glenwood Model with all the upgrades; premium oversized cul-de-sac site, professional basement finish, covered patio and sports court.  Located on the most expensive and best block in Meridian Estates, you will not be disappointed!

1 Front View.jpg

6507 S. FRANKLIN ST CENTENNIAL, CO 80121 (MLS# 905276) Fabulous 1/3 acre site is just one block to the neighborhood pool & 3 blocks to the Highline Canal. You can walk to all of South Suburban’s amenities & the “New Streets of Southglenn”!!  Hardwood throughout, Granite, New Kitchen, New Baths – This is a must See Property!!


MyTownCryer Concierge Services

This month I’m taking the opportunity to add to the list a few of my clients/customers that offer great service, competitive prices and a friendly approach to doing business in the Denver Metro Area:

·         Dawn Mortimer: Photography – dawn_mortimer@hotmail.com

·         Shawn Kelly:  Interior Design Solutions – kelly99@q.com

·         Ron Davis: Home Media – audiogroup@gmail.com

·         Jerry Nelson: Handyman/Construction – n27911@aol.com

·         Scott Moody: Wood Flooring – moodysks@aol.com

·         Mathew Rabii: Plumbing – a-reliable@qwestoffice.net

·         Doug Novatny: Mold/Restoration/Crawl Space – allclean2626@msn.com

·         Brien Schlomer: MudJacking – advancedmudjacking@yahoo.com

·         Bo & Dawn: Air Comfort/HVAC – (303) 841-0211

·         Josh Collins: Electrician – mountainskyelectric@hotmail.com

·         Willy: Dwayne’s Appliance Service  (303) 740-9027

·         Rhonda Damraur:  Blind Corners & Curves (Window Coverings) rdamraur@bccblinds.com (303) 755-4015


Community Spotlight  – Cherry Creek High School, CO.

There are dozens of enclaves, subdivisions, and communities in total that feed into Cherry Creek High School.  Since 1955, Cherry Creek HS has enjoyed an almost endless legacy of change.  From the structures on campus to the students in the hallways, CCHS continues its metamorphosis even today almost uninterrupted.


Due to its location on the edge of Greenwood Village, and its proximity to Cherry Hills Village, some very expensive homes reside within the school’s boundaries.  That being said, the neighborhoods feeding CCHS come from all directions and all price ranges.  From the most modest to the most magnificent, all spectrums of the residential matrix are represented.  I have linked this snippet to a chart of average prices and to the history of school above.  Take a moment to learn about this most unique of suburban institutions.

What’s New, What’s Hot & What’s Happening?

What is cloud computing?  It is operating on documents etc…from a computer other than the one you are sitting in front of.  This article explains it and estimates that in the near future you will never work on a document on your actual computer.  http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/web/06/11/cloud.mashable/index.html?hpt=Sbin

Tip of the Month:

Boost AC efficiency
With spring in full swing, it’s also time to make sure your air conditioner is running efficiently and keeping the air clean. Clean or replace the filter in your air conditioning unit to optimize efficiency and keep the evaporator coils clean. If you are uncomfortable completing this task, call a professional for assistance.  Use your model number to find the correct filter. 
Click here.

Family Happenings 

It’s been an interesting month.  We’ve hardly sat still for a minute, but in spite of being on the go constantly, we’ve still managed to enjoy the slower pace of summer.  Weddings, climbing, backyard grilling, travel, yard work, and more.  We even did a family portrait!  Bet you can’t wait to see it?

Dee has focused her entire month on getting William healthy with weight gain, doctor consults, and ready to finish up his last semester.  Along the way, she has done a great job coaching me!  Last but not least, however, we had a great weekend away for her birthday.  It’s a good life!

Caroline has been to two weddings and is right now off to her US Team tryouts in Maryland.  (NEWS FLASH: SHE MADE IT AGAIN!)  She has been working so hard 9-5 and keeps in shape for that level of competition.  It appears to have paid off.  Congratulations!!

Andrew is still buys working.  He has appeared as a vendor at numerous farmers’ markets, expedited food at a local restaurant, been a DJ, cooked at camp for Young Life, and managed to fit the Bare Naked Ladies in at Red Rocks!! 

Mt. Bierstadt 011.JPGWilliam continues to heal!  He was just recently allowed to move onto feeds he can chew.  It’s mostly good news.  He is learning all sorts of things about diet, nutrition, and food allergies.  Doctor visits are becoming routine and hospital stays are just a memory at this point.  Believe it or not, his first stop was McDonalds.  I’ll keep you posted.  

I “bagged” another 14er this month.  Mt. Bierstadt and in August, I hope to bag Mt. Evans.  This will just about complete the front range mountains for me.  Both are visible from my home, so it will feel great to be walking through the neighborhood when looking up and say, “I stood on both of those!”  The invitation is still open.  Get on board, the more the merrier!

Green Stuff & More

This will become a collection of things you can do to make your home more efficient:

·        Top 10 Energy Payback Projects

·        Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency


Denver Market Watch Mid-Year, 2010

Follow this link to a comprehensive presentation of year end market data at, The Denver Market Watch Mid-Year 2010.  You will find it informative!  Also, Wells Fargo provided a very informative housing report.  I’ve uploaded it for you here: Mid-Year Housing Report.

Oh, By the Way…

I’d be happy to oblige, if your spouse, partner, family member, business associate or friend would like to be added to the MyTownCryer mailing list.


If on the other hand, you would like to be removed from my mailing or have it sent to a more convenient personal email address just click on sbeedederosa@DenverRealEstate.com and type add, change of address or remove in the subject line and Shelby will take care of you.  My intention is to not intrude but to add value.


BTW – Do you know someone who is considering buying or selling a home?  If so, please give me a call and tell me about them.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to help them realize their real estate goals.


As always, I couldn’t be more thankful for the positive feedback, numerous referrals and repeat business that has graced me over the years;      Thank You!

ND Graduation 2010 003.JPG

Tom Cryer, SCRP

Broker Associate – Realtor

The Kentwood Company

5690 DTC Blvd., #600W

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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