My Ten Most Favorite Things About Denver

I arrived in Denver driving a 1957 VW Microbus in 1972.  I had worked odd jobs my senior year of high school, and just before rolling out of town, I purchased this rig from a friends brother.  A new set of tires, a new battery, a tune up and a tank of gas was all it needed.  At the time I arrived in Denver then, I had had several previous visits, but this time. it was different.  I was on my own.  I was a freshman at the University of Denver, the Harvard of the West!

I didn’t know it then, but Denver would become my lifelong hometown from that moment forward.  I lived around the DU campus until 1986.  North, south, east and west of campus, hardly a neighborhood escaped my residency over that span.  Now 38 years later, Denver holds my roots, my memories, my family and my future.

All that being said, I have 10 favorites I am proud to share with you now in no particular order.

  1. Red Rocks Amphitheater If you have not been to a concert here, it is a must see!
  2. The University of Denver It is a special place in my life where I now have a son attending.
  3. Washington Park It is a fantastic gathering place for young and old, riders and walkers and runners and skaters.
  4. The Highline Canal Once a source of water for many land owners, this snake actually links much of the city to a fabulous web of bike trails.
  5. Coors Field We had MLB at Mile High Stadium for a few years, but when Coors Field opened, baseball became something very special in Denver!
  6. Mile High Stadium and Invesco at Mile High After leaving Baltimore and then the Colts moving to Indy, the Broncos became my team of choice and these two stadiums were the venues.
  7. The Pepsi Center My first Stanly Cup Championship was right at this spot.
  8. St. Lukes Hospital My lovely wife, Deirdre, gave birth here to all three of our redheaded children.
  9. Homestead Elementary School, West Middle School and Cherry Creek High School My three children spent much more time at these schools than me, but clearly, my time at all three places should not be taken lightly!
  10. Most Precious Blood The place where our wedding vows were confirmed by Father Luke in 1982.

As you can see, your favorite things about Denver will definitely be different than mine, but no less meaningful to you in their own way.  Feel free to make comments and share your favorite special Denver places.  At this point in my life, you can take me out of Denver, but you can’t take the Denver out of me!

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