Ten Things I’m Giving Thanks for This Year!

William's Notre Dame Graduation 2010

William's Notre Dame Graduation 2010

Every year, I like to look back at Thanksgiving and reflect on what makes me thankful.  In fact, during Thanksgiving Dinner, I routinely work my way around the table and have everyone there publicly announce for what they are thankful.  It makes great conversation, it can draw tears, but it can draw smiles and laughter, too.  I just think it is healthy to make a public proclamation of ones feelings once in a while.  So here goes:

  1. My Health!
  2. My Family!
  3. My Friends
  4. My old dog!
  5. My Lifestyle!
  6. My Faith!
  7. Where I Live!
  8. Where I work!
  9. My Car!
  10. My Country!

As I write this, I’ve had another birthday this week.  It is an exciting time in my life.  It is an exciting time in our world.  It is an exciting time to be alive!  Amen…

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