#DenverMarketWatch 1-8-2018

Profile Artistic ImageAs the new year begins, everyone is ready.  The rush to be the first new listing on the market is upon us.  The buyer who has been without dreams of the “sugar plums” of fresh inventory on a landscape of low interest rates and little or no competition.  Well we didn’t get a foot of fresh powder, but we are getting some.  We could absorb about 2,500 new listings overnight.  Denver picked up so many “Top Ten” awards in 2017, is there anything left for 2018?

New Listing (826)  This is unique in recent years.  More new listings than UC’s.
Back On Market (192)  Off for the holidays but back now.
Price Increase (183)  Buyers still bidding up listings.
Price Decrease (314)  Overzealous?
Under Contract (822)  A great week coming out of the holidays.
Withdrawn (96)  Giving up so soon?
Leased (24)
Sold (858)  Who closes during the first week of the new year?
Expired (891)  Who can’t get them sold in this market?

With the first week behind us, we have 51 to go.  Follow along for my clear, concise and cogent analysis of the Denver Market.  We always love to hear from you.  What are you seeing, what is happening in neighborhood?  Do you have a new favorite place?

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