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Jones DistrictA number of you have been asking about all the vacant land to the north of IKEA along the I-25 corridor.  Here’s what we have so far:

“The Jones District is a 42-acre area west of I-25 between IKEA and the Dry Creek light rail station. The name comes from the late property owner and cable television pioneer, Glenn Jones, who envisioned a dynamic, mixed-use area, similar to The Streets at SouthGlenn, featuring a network of walkable blocks, active streets, and public gathering spaces such as plazas. Currently, The Jones District has one new building, a 306-unit luxury apartment building named The Glenn, while the remaining 36 acres is vacant, undeveloped land.” 

Additionally, since this development site falls in Centennial, Colorado, they have provided a link to current and upcoming decisions being made.  Click Here

This live presentation on the Centennial Website is very interesting and offers a wealth of information.  Click Here

I’ll do my best to keep you posted on anything I hear, and please do the same on your end too!

Thank you…tc

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