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What's Important Today?Let’s jump right into it!  This week’s numbers are crazy.  The Denver Residential Market as presented though our MLS System by me every Tuesday has a lot to tell us this week!

Follow my Denver Market Watch comments highlighted below:

New Listing (1349) Lower than last week, some might say stagnant!
Back On Market (274)
Price Increase (173)
Price Decrease (1582) Here’s where the market is showing its true colors!
Under Contract (1519) The Listing Curve is inverted!  More price decreases than new listings!
Withdrawn (211)
Leased (47)
Sold (1376) Not a bad number, but certainly not telling anything new here.
Expired (209)

Do you know the difference between a Metaphor and a Similes?  Let’s see if I can help.

“This market is like a pasture full of cattle lounging around in the thick grass.”  There’s nothing wrong here, but certainly nothing exciting either.

At the same time, “This market is an open book.”  It is not hiding a thing.  We know who’s coming and going.  We know how many own a new house, and we know how many still own the old house.

Which one is which?

Moving on, it is a great time to be careful.  Examine where you are in life.  Are the kids gone in a couple of years?  Are there a few more kids on the way?  What will your home be used for with your planned lifestyle?  So many questions…

Realtor Match Maker.jpgDee and I profess creating a plan.  Even if the plan has a few bumps in the road along the way, its like a road map to your future.  Please take advantage of our amazing service!

Please take a minute to review a few of our Recommendations.  We hope you come away with the confidence to give us a call.  Dee and Tom will be there for you every step of the way!  303-773-3399

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