02/02/2021derful Denver Market Watch #Groundhogday

Good Morning Groundhogs Everywhere!

Kentwood’s Mother Ship

Once again, we have continued confirmation of a residential housing market in Denver running on empty. Limited inventory, ravenous demand and extremely rapid market velocity are obvious. There are multiple buyers for every new listing. This, in a market being held back by Covid, is really the surprising fact.

New Listing (720) OK, really? Too low!!!
Coming Soon (158) Buyers, get yourself ready!
Back On Market (162)
Price Increase (379) We are thinking this is properties going under contract above list price.
Price Decrease (271)
Pending (1475) Twice as many going under contract than coming on the market…
Withdrawn (116)
Leased (61)
Closed (1055) This is a very nice week. This is climbing while inventory is declining. Sellers’ Delight!
Expired (317)
MLS Data for the Last 7 Days

Who knew there was a “Punxsutawney Groundhog Club”? On a day like this with GameStop, Short Sellers, Market Rallying, it all rings true. The market doesn’t care and neither does the Groundhog. People are paying attention, however, and the quest for knowledge/wealth has always been there, and this will never change.

I was once told, “When the cabdriver is discussing ‘the market’ with you on the ride from the airport”….

We have the opportunity to discuss the residential market with Brokers all around this wonderful country. Almost without exception we are hearing, Limited Inventory, Strong Demand and Bidding Wars. I hate that expression; Bidding Wars. It’s not so much a war as it is the preparation for battle. Having a combination of “weapons” in one’s quiver is the most important thing. The Listing Broker and the Seller will be impressed with a Buyer coming to the table with all the issues of purchase resolved.

Being Credit Approved, having all funds accounted for and ready, having a lender who is willing to present you in the brightest light and finally, the choice of the real estate broker representing you can secure your place at the front of the line for the next new shiny listing on the street you want to call home.

We work with Buyers and Sellers all the time. Our testimonials on Zillow, Google, Realtor.com and our own website, http://www.thecryerteam.com are living proof we work for our client in every transaction every step of the way. You have a choice. Don’t wait for Punxsutawney Phil…

About Tom & Dee Cryer

Your Trusted Advisors in the Homeownership Business! TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com
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