02/09/2021derful Denver Market Watch @MrSamZell

Hello and Good Morning Everyone!

I was watching Sam Zell on CNBC this morning. This reminded me of his book. I read it a while back. Sam said, “You have to buy a ticket”. If you are reading the book, he talks about all the times in his career when asked for advice. Basically, he is saying, you have to pay to play.

If you want to start a new business, one has to open the door. If you want to want to work on Wall Street, one has to travel to NY. If you want to own a home, one has to make a commitment to the process.

In the meantime, what happened this week in the Denver MLS? Follow along below…

New Listing (719) Once again, this number is low, low, low!!!
Coming Soon (165) Still not raising the bar…
Back On Market (139)
Price Increase (503)
Price Decrease (249)
Pending (1568) This is a number one would see in April, not February!
Withdrawn (100)
Leased (55)
Closed (970) Not quite a mid-season number but growing and consistently high each week.
Expired (129)
Denver Metro MLS for the Last 7 Days

Zell’s reference was about the metaphor of you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, and you’re not going to be successful in business if you don’t take a risk.

I’ve taken this metaphor and attached it to the home buying process. You’re never going to own a home if you don’t get a well qualified team of experts working with you toward the end goal. Managing the risk of home ownership is something in which we are experienced.

Why do our contracts get accepted and others don’t? It all goes back to preparation. Knowing the ins and outs of this market will serve you well when you’re chasing a property with 5, 10, 15 or 50 buyers chasing it. Roll with The Cryer Team all the way to home ownership! Your Trusted Advisors…

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