O8/09/2022 @RideRTD #DenverMonsoon #Broncos #ThoseWereTheDays #VirtualClosings

This month, RTD is free! Beware standing water. Pre-Season Broncos with new owners; so many questions! Who remembers jumbo jets driving over I-70? My first computer was (Expensive) arrived 1984. Don’t believe it when anyone says “paperless”. It still hasn’t happened!

Well, what happened in the last 7 days with Denver Real Estate?

New Listing (1428) Clearly not a growing concern here.
Coming Soon (198)
Back On Market (280)
Price Increase (103)
Price Decrease (1803). Agressive Sellers are getting their hands slapped.
Pending (1438). A nice strong seasonal number!
Withdrawn (259)
Leased (51)
Closed (1043). Now, here’s one that’s off a bit. Let’s watch this closely…
Expired (233)

And, with total active listings?

6,657 Active Listings Today.

I’m not seeing a notion for alarm here. A picture tells a thousand stories, right? We are still in the swing of things. Here’s my prediction. We will stop seeing double digit appreciation. We will see 5% and less around the metro area. The sky is not falling.

A couple of trends we are seeing. First, buyers are being extremely critical of condition, appeal and location. What would have passed through 6 months ago is becoming a significant point of negotiation in today’s market. Prep your home for sale. Second, pricing with sales from 6 months ago will probably hurt your chances of a quick sale today. Finally, participation with buyers’ interest rates is taking place. #BuyDownsAreBack

Lean on us! That’s why we are here… TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com

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