02/28/2023 #NoAI #TrainTracks #SnowPack

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope this finds you well. There will be no #AI this week, however, that was pretty easy last week. I would have changed a few things upon editing, but left it original for you…..

Living near#TrainTracks has inherent dangers. With the technology available to us, should know what’s going by? This is serious business affecting livelihoods, household wealth and individual health. This is an area where we have the Dept. of Transportation, and there isn’t even any public conversation. Just so you know, the big guys all own shares in Railroads. Vanguard, Blackrock, Berkshire Hathaway, and more all own railroads or own shares in railroads. There are even at least 5 ETFs exclusively invested in railroads. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but do you surmise, this might be why we don’t have more regulation on our railroads? Things that make me say, “Hmmm?”

Colorado’s snowpack is tremendous this year. If this interests you, there is a nice website with a map here. It looks good, with only the far eastern plains and the Arkansas River Basin being the only two Zones with below average #SnowPack. But, for you, HERE IT IS…

As you can see, your favorite place to ski is well above average…

OK, what’s happening this week with Denver Residential Real Estate.

New Listing (1002) Finally over 1,000 so far this year. Spring is in the Air?
Coming Soon (176) Not much change here, but healthy.
Back On Market (215) Are 15-20% of our Pendings falling out? This is too high.
Price Increase (213)
Price Decrease (807) I’ve been harping on this for months. Sellers and their Brokers are just too optimistic, and the price reductions are ultimately reducing their sale prices.
Pending (1240) This is a strong number but not heroic in any way.
Withdrawn (129)
Leased (64)
Closed (1315) OK, Explain this to me. We just had a bunch of 3 day weekends/holidays, this number is really strong! Is this ultimately an indicator of Denver Metro’s Residential Market’s overall health in spite of rates twice as high as last year/
Expired (163)
It does not appear from this weekly data our FED has been able to adversely affect our market too much.

As far as INVENTORY goes in our Metro Area, it has fallen inline with years past except for 21 and 22.

For those of you who have called and asked questions about our market, thank you! We love sharing our anecdotal evidence with our clients, customers and friends. Take time to lean in on what we’ve learned. We’ll be here for you regardless of how rough the road becomes, but we are hoping for nothing but the best…!!!…tc

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