The 10 hottest housing markets in America

Where business is booming and real estate is skyrocketing.eo?_t=136d647b88304d6c827d39dbe797d50a&_m=b07eb648441d4834971cae56ca038878&_e=vD6z6piAifm62M1Q389TCiVv3em_JULasKYFcCiEmVaiXN-VRlmnxNDpiJDze4DZ0s-yxADJaj4fu_JKbMMiRMaWHI-5mZBJPyzxuBr6-JG_T51IDYSfnbtW9R8ggQ446tdeUpnbWfXhUXiUci7K7IEPNlr1ZegOEbFUiyLn2pSMRnFTx6I1fDcjgX-zJgtW

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#MondayMarketUpdate #DenverMarketWatch @MyTownCryer

Realtor Match Maker.jpgGood Morning Everyone,

As we venture into the unknown of 2019, we continue to see submarkets of great strength in Denver.  We are hearing the voices of builders whispering about how “great” this market might be…  It’s a good life!

Let’s take a look at the last week and make some notes below.  This is Denver’s MLS data for the last 7 days.  We are rolling into the spring season as planned and with typical strength.  The only question remaining will be, “Will it last?”

New Listing (1203)  This is typical seasonal activity…
Back On Market (194)
Price Increase (107)
Price Decrease (717)  This is an increasing number.  Let’s watch this one…
Under Contract (1434)  This is a very strong week.  Let’s watch this one too!
Withdrawn (130)
Leased (43)
Sold (990)  Seasonally, this is still a good week, but let’s hope this number continues to grow into the spring.
Expired (189)

As we roll into the spring season, let’s keep an eye out for hints on what’s around the corner.  We’ll keep you posted…tc




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How to become clutter-free (and stay that way)

There are four simple steps.eo?_t=136d647b88304d6c827d39dbe797d50a&_m=0fc8a9671da04d2e8fb7c3f8fdd58fcb&_e=HXWZKCLOvQ2fz-eV-EGEnxhHcNU2bKGItykNB3ZoUar97NLSROtDs2FFxbkWVmWdxJkAQqNVBgvDSOfYxG2yTA6Y0PRPj2qIsLZn-lDAihIblASov0pF2FnVqCkQoKsgVp7D7axE9Z47DGwQegaQwRk1MR8wXHZjaZadmsIxcW8TKRM5-t_LeeLXF-gd9uah

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International Women’s Day

We’d like to thank all the women in our lives and around the world for keeping us on track and moving us forward; Thank You!

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@MyTownCryer #DenverMarketWatch #HaveYouHeard?

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_15a2I couldn’t help it.  #MallWalking to get out of the cold brings out crazy delusional thoughts.  For instance, take this LuluLemon storefront.  It reminded me, almost every week, I post a #DenverMarketUpdate right here.  To an extent, I am asking you the same question every time.  “Have you heard”?  Well today, I have more proof for you to hang your hat on during all the St. Patty’s Parties coming up.  You’ll be able to say, “The Denver Market Is Great!”  Let me show you…

New Listing (1170) This is a very healthy number!
Back On Market (232)
Price Increase (101)
Price Decrease (617)
Under Contract (1324) Wow!  Just as I told you, increasing each week!
Withdrawn (97)
Leased (51)
Sold (1285)  WOW!  This even a bigger jump!  
Expired (327)

I can’t tell you what the rest of the year is going to bring, but in the 11 counties surrounding Denver, we are starting off to a GREAT YEAR!  Last March, 2018 the numbers looked like this:

New Listing (1015) We put 500 more under contract than we listed.
Back On Market (174)
Price Increase (157)
Price Decrease (480)
Under Contract (1502) We are not bringing enough new listings to the the market!
Withdrawn (106)
Leased (28)
Sold (993) Another great week of closings.
Expired (141)

In fact, it looks like we are catching up with closings (Sold) faster than last year.  I can find much to brag about for 2019 and Denver’s Residential Market.  Let’s see how we roll into the spring season.  I’m betting we will continue down the path of solid market statistics…

So, “Now You HAVE Heard”, and you can tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Have a great week!





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10 steps to making that dream home yours

How to choose the right agent, craft a compelling offer and more.eo?_t=136d647b88304d6c827d39dbe797d50a&_m=98543480c90f4423a3e3a70b1e71561a&_e=DCGDxLDgzUYSqWxzLCsalUWjbxIZBJb6xqdw9fqOmoh7LxnoThNzdzt__jRbWJkeH-va__ClzFQ8dj5IoRaTXnGZakuBJdLAEu7rBI8X4JFzmKbS7ta2s1miM26eyjwFc_00ziaBVtNaaHZh3shPbmy54XcvM6CEwHdxdEMGkJS0a1FtSswCc_X5oayVrYLx

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My Town Cryer – Denver Market Update | February 2019

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February 2019
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Has the pendulum officially swung in favor of a buyer’s market for luxury homes priced $1 million and up? In January, there was 7.65 months of housing inventory for the luxury segment. Read More >>
Cash Offers – How To Compete With Them
When deciding between multiple offers on a home, cash offers draw a certain allure. Just because you can’t offer up a briefcase of cash, doesn’t mean that achieving your goal of home ownership is out of reach. Read More >>
13 Colorado Hot Springs to Relax In
Hot Springs in Colorado range from off the beaten path and secluded, to equipped with water slides and snack shacks. These hot springs are perfect for soothing your muscles after a long day of mountain adventures. Read More >>
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North Face parent-company VF Coporation is preparing for a big move to Denver. About 400 jobs may need to be filled at the headquarters in former Gates building near Union Station.

Denver is one of the country’s hottest housing markets in 2019. A new report ranked the top 10 housing markets in 2019 and found that Denver is No. 3.

Union Station’s shiny new condo development will designate 10 percent of its units – 33 total – to affordable housing. Getting one, however, will be a challenge.

If you’re selling your property, this is the Power Duo you want on your team! They went the extra mile every step of the way, and their knowledge of the market is most impressive. Tom & Dee made the entire selling experience pleasant and professional. We would recommend them without reservation.
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@MyTownCryer #MondayMarketUpdate 2-25-2019

rubyIt was a good week for Denver’s Residential Market in spite of the cold weather and snow.  Closings are ramping up and the under contract activity is showing great life.

Keep tuning in, and we’ll keep you posted every week.  For now, Denver is looking very healthy with job growth, new development and immigration!

New Listing (967)
Back On Market (171)
Price Increase (96)
Price Decrease (646)
Under Contract (1374)  Identical to last week.
Withdrawn (110)
Leased (46)
Sold (858)  Closings up by almost 15% week over week!
Expired (163)

As a quick comparison, here’s the week of 2/12/2019.

New Listing (980)  This is off a little because there was no increase this week.
Back On Market (165)
Price Increase (123)
Price Decrease (704)
Under Contract (1381)  This is a big number!  The buyers are coming out of hibernation!!!
Withdrawn (114)
Leased (37)
Sold (735)  Not a bad number, but looking for this to start keeping pace with UCs.
Expired (197)  This number is way down from previous weeks.  Sellers are staying in the game again.

We’re there for you every step of the way…tc


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If you want to sell your home, do this first

Plus, renovations that pay off.eo?_t=136d647b88304d6c827d39dbe797d50a&_m=a5d1d7bfbdca487b987a2a6756995ca3&_e=i1kAzP3LQumMXLCS92KsnwJ1w0wrVogJiUqTOmCSOIsRh6siJd4Ub9kREHut_Fyu-WI4ZLhZjv2tJ8NVLyfKkft6eF6lIcFdM9pBw8zp-gvtvM6UtBZ7CurTV5QwLxrgVe6XTNHd46T0flRrjZjuEadiDOsSk_PkuScq2dSWgnaA_lrKIfbWzzC-n3dvACPz

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@MyTownCryer #MondayMarketUpdate #AlexanderGrahamBell

Quotation-Alexander-Graham-Bell-The-day-will-come-when-the-man-at-the-telephone-68-70-83Alexander Graham Bell said; “When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”  How true!  His prediction for the future wasn’t so bad either.  

This is somewhat like watching Denver Market Data week in and week out.  Some of the time, we need to step back and take a look at the big picture, and understand how it affects the “little picture.”

This week, the story is “more of the same”; More Contracts than new listings once again.

New Listing (1109)  This is a very healthy number for buyers!
Back On Market (182)
Price Increase (112)
Price Decrease (631)  Sellers finally getting “in the game”!
Under Contract (1241)  The new listings coming to market and the seasoned listings with price reductions are showing the way for all these contracts.
Withdrawn (93)
Leased (31)
Sold (796)  This is picking up a little each week.  This number will skyrocket if these contracts continue to stack up!
Expired (219)

Getting back to the “big picture”, we are observing better interest rates than the last quarter of 2018.  Conforming loan limits are being raised.  New mortgage products are being served around the fringes.  New construction is “catching up” to the market demand, and we are personally seeing some long term residents finally listing their homes and “moving on”.  All of these factors are helping our market once again set itself up for success!

If you’ve been waiting for “your door to open” after being shut out for so long, come back to the market, take a look around.  Even though. on the surface, it may look the same, in fact, there have been many changes since you were last out looking.  There is a new door open for you, and we will help open it for you every step of the way!


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