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Here is an update letter from Worldwide ERC (Employee Relocation Council).  New leadership in a world of ever increasing globalization.  It will be exciting moving forward watching all the changes.

As businesses explore deeper and deeper into the world’s markets and resources, the mobility of the global work force follows lock step.  Long story short, the leadership of a global organization needs to see the future as being so bright sun glasses will be necessary to take it all in.  The anouncement from WERC follows:

Dear Worldwide ERC® Members:On behalf of Worldwide ERC®, I am pleased to announce our 2011 officers, recently elected by its Board of Directors, and our full slate of board members for the coming year.Incoming officers, who comprise the Executive Committee for Worldwide ERC® are:

2011 President Susan Schneider, SCRP, GMS, Plus Relocation Services, Inc
2011 Vice President Pamela J. (Pam) O’Connor, SCRP, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World
2011 Secretary-Treasurer C. Matthew (Matt) Spinolo, SCRP, SGMS, CARTUS
2011 Chairman Michael C. Washbourn, SCRP, GMS, Pfizer Inc.

The Executive Committee strongly supports the association with responsibility for establishing all current objectives, supervising the overall management of the association, appointing individuals to serve on standing committees, and considering all proposals and recommendations prior to review by the Board of Directors. Members of the Executive Committee also serve on the Board of Directors.

New corporate representatives for 2011 include:

New service industry representatives for 2011 include:

  • Kay J. Kutt, SCRP, SGMS, Asian Tigers Mobility Ltd.
  • Gail H. Plummer, SCRP, Altair Global Relocation

Board members continuing their terms include:

  • Cori L. Beaudet, SCRP, SGMS, SC Johnson – A Family Company
  • Lisa Caravella, CRP, Bank of America
  • Mario Ferraro, Deloitte Consulting
  • William (Bill) Graebel, SGMS, Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide
  • Lars Lykke Iversen, Santa Fe Relocation Services
  • Christopher H. (Chris) James, Bechtel International Inc.
  • Earl Lee, Prudential Relocation Inc.
  • Joy Morrison, SCRP, SGMS, PepsiCo, Inc.
  • John Pfeiffer, GMS, Mustang Engineering, LP
  • Steven A. Nord, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Pandra Richie, SCRP, SGMS, Long & Foster Corporate Real Estate Services Division

Also serving on Worldwide ERC®’s 2011 Board in an ex-officio capacity are:

  • Chairman, U.S. Advisory Council Al Blumenberg, SCRP, NEI Global Relocation
  • Chairman, Foundation for Workforce Mobility Kevin E. Russell, SCRP, PHH Mortgage

Worldwide ERC® board member responsibilities include addressing association policy, bylaws, and ethics issues; reviewing the Council’s activities, events, and budget; assisting in the planning and development of Worldwide ERC® educational programs and publications and contributing to and fulfilling the organization’s strategic plan for stability, growth, industry relevance, and the greater good of the entire Worldwide ERC® membership.

I’d also like to take this early opportunity to thank these Board members who will transition off of the Board in December 2010 after a productive three-year term:

  • Jay Delich, SCRP, SRA, IFA, Arizona Appraisal Team
  • Mark Giorgini, GMS, China HR Insight
  • Johnny H. Haines, SCRP, SGMS
  • Jo Lay, SCRP, SGMS, Coldwell Banker Central Region Relocation
  • Stephen C. McGarry, SCRP, WPP Group
  • Dr. Santrupt Misra, Aditya Birla Management Corporation Ltd.

As we move forward, the mix of talent and knowledge on our 2011 Board of Directors will provide continued mindful stewardship of our association and new direction for our familiar organization. And as always, if you have questions, comments or suggestions, I welcome your feedback.


Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS
Chief Executive Officer
Worldwide ERC®


Well, it’s here; Labor Day.  Often considered the unofficial end of summer.  I couldn’t help thinking about what has come to pass.  I’ve heard it said more than once that we are so focused on our customers and clients or so busy chopping wood, we fail to take time to sharpen our axes.  Well, I’m here today to help sharpen our axes together.

Recently, I was reminded by a conversation with my wife of something her father said: “I could have bought those lots on Cape Cod for less than $5,000 a piece…”.  The conversation went on, but what I remembered from it was, I don’t want to be the ones telling my grand children those same stories when I’m 70.  And, I don’t want you to be telling those stories either.

I’ve attached another link to my Mid Year 2010 Report.  It clearly shows history repeating itself from the 1980s in Denver.  The same is happening all over the country.  When it seems the darkest, that’s the time to be in the market.  Warren Buffet is credited with saying something like, “when others are greedy, be fearful.  When others are fearful, be greedy”.  I don’t think I can remember or have seen so much fear in the marketplace as I see today.  It’s time to be greedy!

Double Down, Buy Up, Invest in that Second Home, Help you kid get in the game, and/or do yourself a favor.  Rates, Available Inventory and Market Conditions are ripe for your plucking.  DKYS; those of you reading my stuff for the past several years have seen this before and asked, “DKYS???”.  Don’t Kick Yourself!  Get in the game.  Be part of the solution. If you wanted to move up and can, do it.  If you’ve wanted a second home and can, do it.  If you’ve wanted to make your kid part of the community, do it.  Buying real estate is an essential means of becoming a part of every community around the world.  People all over the world work for home ownership.  They save for home ownership.  It is the way it’s always been done.  That hasn’t changed.  It may take longer for the correction to be seen this time, but it will happen, it always does.

Learn from history, benefit from others fears and look back when you are talking to your grandchildren and tell the the story about how you put some skin in the game!

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