A Tribute to H. Cris Collie

Tom & Dee Cryer Attend, “A Tribute to H. Cris Collie”

November 1, 2008 in Washington, DC

by Worldwide ERC.

After 36 years at the helm of what is now Worldwide ERC, The Workforce Mobility Association, H. Cris Collie has passed the torch.
A fabulous evening and a fabulous tribute to a man whose tenacity grew AREAC into ERC to what is now Worldwide ERC. As a table sponsor to for Cris’ Foundation, Tom & Dee were front row and center for all the activities of the evening.

As a professional organization offering global mobility solution education, Worldwide ERC enjoys preeminent status as the one professional organization uniting all the skill sets necessary to facilitate global mobility.

With the retirement of Cris Collie, Lynn M. Bragg has been named the new chief executive officer of Worldwide ERC®, the workforce mobility association, effective November 21, 2008. Bragg will succeed H. Cris Collie, CAE, who will retire in December 2008 after a distinguished 36-year career.

As a frequent presenter, Member of Worldwide ERC’s Hall of Leaders and holder of the SCRP certification from Worldwide ERC, Tom Cryer and his wife Dee enjoyed many old friends and conversations throughout the evening with an international crowd on hand of more than 500 guests.

To learn more about Cris and his legacy at Worldwide ERC please take the time to visit:

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