10 Things I Love about Homestead in the Willows!

  1. Homestead Elementary School – A Blue Ribbon School
  2. Willow Springs Open Space – 120 Acres of Open Space
  3. The Community Recreation Facilities – 3 Pools & Cabanas, 8 Tennis Courts and Pedestrian Trails throughout the community
  4. Homestead’s Swim Team – Although it has a winning record like no other, the childhood bonds and parent-to-parent introductions become lifelong.
  5. Tree Lined Parkways – The summer canopy of leaved trees now connect from one side of the street to the other.
  6. Housing Types & Enclaves – Single Family Detached, Patio Homes, Town-homes, Condominium Flats & Apartments including: Homestead in the Willows, Homestead on the Parkway, Homestead at Willow End, Homestead Village I, Homestead Village II, Sturbridge, Olde Mill, Mill Run & Homestead Villas.
  7. Architecture – Traditional Colonial Styles & Updated Hybrid Designs with Complimentary Exterior Appeal
  8. Price Ranges – There are opportunities in Homestead from the low $100Ks to over $1M and everything in between.
  9. The Pedestrian Nature of the Community – Everyone is out walking, running, talking and enjoying the outdoors.  And, best of all, Mom’s and Dad’s walking their kids to and from school.
  10. The Low Owner Turnover & Retention – Many people have had 2 & 3 different homes in the community.  Some have been transfered out of state and returned.  Some have had larger houses and moved over to a patio home for their later years.  Homestead accommodates everyone.

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