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As we drift into 2020 with perfect vision, sometimes we just have to stop and ponder the situation.  1,015 New Active Listings in the last 7 days in 11 counties in the

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Denver Metro Area came to market.  On the other side of the supply curve 1,309 listings went Pending.  If this were to happen every week, we would have a severe imbalance of supply and demand.  As it is, we have continued into the Sellers’ Market from 2019.  Again, a footrace for the typical buyer is inevitable!

As you can see below, this week’s MLS numbers tell the story.  Pending and Closed Listings in the last 7 days are more than double the number of new listings.  Sadly for buyers, it will be a foot race, and a buyer trying to win has to practice, prepare and be bold to win!  If a buyer in today’s market has not established a plan while “the waters are calm”, this buyer will fail.  The buyer aligning with a strong lender who can be a cheer leader, and a broker who can articulate your ability to get to the closing table goes a long way to leaving “the pack” behind, but that is not always easy, and it is not always the price.  Terms play a critical roll in an educated sellers’ decision.  And, as always “Cash is King”!  It’s an easy race to lose.

Right now is a particularly good time to move up, the market conditions lend themselves to a seller in the $400-600K price range to move up to the $700-900K.  Rates, Inventory and a seller’s ability to negotiate a post closing occupancy on the front end are very favorable.  The water is warm, is it time for you to “dip your toe in”?

New Listing (1015)
Coming Soon (0)
Back On Market (179)
Price Increase (418)
Price Decrease (609)
Pending (1309)
Withdrawn (102)
Leased (65)
Closed (902)
Expired (229)

A successful move, relocation, down pricing, down sizing or even moving up takes planning. “Jumping out of an airplane without a parachute is not healthy.” The proper order and proper plan for buying or selling a home requires the same attention to detail. Give us a call, come in, spend an hour with us. Let us show you a clear pathway to a successful transition. We’ll be there for you…

Dee and Tom Cryer TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com 303-638-3202

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