04/25/2023 #UnintendedConsequenses #KISS #NewlyDeveloping #MilkToast

Good Morning,

Let’s face it, many of say we don’t mind change, but we really don’t like change. When I learned the concept of “Planned Obscolesence” I was maybe 15 or a little younger. “Do you mean a company would purposely build a product knowing it could be better, but the next generation will help sales long term so the producer holds back now?” The auto industry, appliance industry, and I could argue home builders have done it too. For the most part now it is hidden by the slow trickle from more expensive new models over the years.

Are the #UnintendedCosequences of #PlannedObsolescence a customer tax? I could argue “Yes they are.” The break even analysis isn’t always a good thing for the customer! But, as the #Mandolorin would say, “This is the way…”

This morning, I’d like to keep it simple. Every politician will be advocating for #AfforabkeHouusing in the next election. When the election is over, nothing will be done to moderate building codes or reduce development costs, or mitigate impact fees, and I could go on and on, #KeepingItSimpleStupid or KISS is my theme.

So, I will revert to something my father told me more than enough times. “Don’t overlook the obvious.” So, my answer to all if this is, we can no longer be lazy voters. We have to challenge our elected officials, we have to be present, and we can’t assume they are working for our grandchildren. #MilkToast can’t stand on its own.

But, what happened in the Denver Residential Market this week? This is what the the Denver MLS gave us.

New Listing (1115) Not enough!
Coming Soon (270)
Back On Market (210)
Price Increase (190)
Price Decrease (850) Too many! Are original list prices too high, or is the market falling?
Pending (1405) Strong week. The buyers are smart, hunting for the weak and tired seller!
Withdrawn (131)
Leased (76)
Closed (1114) In spite of it all, Buyers and Sellers are meeting at the closing with Funds and Keys respectively.
Expired (145)
Very few sellers giving up!

This another week of statistics with no “Henny Penny” stories in Denver. Congratulations.

What about the bigger picture of total Active Listings? With just over 4,114 Active listings as we moved into April, this is the lowest listing count other than 2021 and 2022 in the last 10 years!

As you can see, we have left the shock of high interest rates far behind to last summer and no impact left for the summer of ’23. But, wait a minute, what are the headwinds, Black Swans and crises of 2023 to be? Nobody knows for sure, but the overall the economy will roll from one industry to the next. Turns out, our nation’s CEOs are no smarter, and no more prepared than the rest of us. Additionally, some are even so eager to jump in the fray, and they are willing to leave the stockholders “holding the bag”. Who are they working for? #TheTimesAreaChangin’

Please keep in touch, and we will do our best…tc

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